Monday, 28 December 2015

All you Need to Know About Medicaid and CHIP Health Coverage

Today, most of the people might not be aware of the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Well, this is a medical care service for the children whose families cannot afford health insurance costs due to their low income. CHIP service is offered by every state, but the rules and regulations are different for different states. Many people are facing financial hardships which is why they find it hard to buy a private health insurance plan. In the situation of low financial strength, people don't get crucial medical attention when they face health crisis.

In healthcare, one of the major areas of concern is Medicaid eligibility. Medicaid is also an assistance program for the families with considerably low income. Medicaid was first set up in 1965 to provide healthcare coverage to low-income families which has some eligibility criteria sets within each state. CHIP coverage mainly depends upon the eligibility of Medicaid.

Who can Avail the Benefits of Medicaid and CHIP?

The families who have passed the Medicaid eligibility, their children can avail the benefits of Children's Health Insurance Program. Families as residents of one state who are availing the benefits of Medicaid and CHIP cannot avail the benefits of same coverage in another state as these programs have different rule and regulations in different states.

Is this Rule Applied for Physically Disabled?

Medicaid can also be benefited by the people who have physical disabilities such as blindness, deafness and mobility impairment. People have low income and suffering from mental disabilities or even some serious medical conditions are also eligible for Medicaid health coverage.

How Pregnant Women can be Benefited from CHIP?

CHIP also provides a different program “CHIP perinatal coverage” to pregnant women. The basic CHIP provides coverage to children from their birth to the age of 18, while CHIP perinatal coverage provides health care to unborn children and the pregnant mother for 12 months.

What is Covered in CHIP Perinatal?

This program covers several pregnancy visits including one visit every four weeks in first 28 weeks of pregnancy and after that one visit per week in 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. Some laboratory testing, education and pregnancy counseling services are also included in CHIP perinatal.

To avail the service of Medicaid and CHIP health coverage, you have to fill out an application via healthcare government website. If you or any of your family member is eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, then this information will be sent to the state agency. After that, they will directly contact you for the enrollment. Also, you can directly contact to state Medicaid agency to avail this service.

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